We have compiled a list of 21 items you need to consider to help you when moving to your new home.

moving house tips
  1. Start packing early
  2. Label your boxes
  3. Declutter your belongings
  4. Start packing your least used rooms first
  5. Arrange your utilities early
  6. Use good quality packing materials
  7. Identify valuables and breakables
  8. Look into arranging a storage unit if needed
  9. Disconnect any appliances you are taking with you
  10. Pack a bag of essentials to keep separate on the day of the move
  11. Put screw and bolts from your furniture in bags and attached the bag to item of furniture
  12. Think about where your furniture will go in your new home
  13. Keep wires organised
  14. Update your address / get mail redirected
  15. Notify companies of your move
  16. Arrange insurance for your new home
  17. Update your driving licence
  18. Make a note of meter readings
  19. Clean your home
  20. Check through your home to make sure you haven’t left anything
  21. Return the keys to your old house to the relevant person